Cash Management

Cash Positioning & Reporting

GTreasury’s cash positioning and reporting solutions enable greater visibility and control of an organization’s cash and liquidity, helping to facilitate business growth and expansion. Users can pull and create data rich reports and distribute them across any area of the business, driving value by allowing for informed decisions based on real-time data.

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Connectivity Third-Party Systems

Increase Productivity

GTreasury eliminates the need to manually login and download bank statements, freeing up time to focus on more strategic initiatives. Our automated connectivity framework enables your organization to connect to any financial institution or third party, providing real-time access and visibility into your cash positions. You are able to create customized schedules to access and distribute information across your organization.

Security & Compliance Compliance

Global Cash Visibility

Gain global visibility into your organization’s cash and liquidity across all entities, and achieve strategic insight into cash trends and availability. GTreasury’s worksheets capture and categorize all cash flows, enabling you to view your balances at a macro level or drill down to the most granular detail within a single transaction.

Cash Position Reporting Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

GTreasury’s business intelligence solution provides clients with a variety of reporting capabilities based on your requirements. Our worksheets provide a granular view for day-to-day cash management, or create custom reports and dynamic dashboards to give you a visually dynamic snap shot of your liquidity.

Cash Position Reporting Seamless Data Flow

Seamless Data Flow

GTreasury’s proprietary Worksheets are the backbone of the solution suite. Facilitating seamless data flow between the Payments, Financial Instruments, and Accounting solutions, it provides a comprehensive view of your organization’s financial position. For example, signaling recommended transfers when there is an excess or deficit balance, forecasting with actual/estimate variance tracking, monitoring current debt associated to draws on credit facilities.

Key Features

  • Create custom treasury worksheets to view cash balances by preference
  • Reporting and dashboards to make informed decisions
  • User code categorization and tracking

  • Automated bank connectivity
  • Real time access into cash balances and transactions
  • User defined schedules, 24/7/365 global reach