Cash Management


Cash Positioning & Reporting


Illuminating liquidity begins and ends with the proper management of an organization’s cash. Compiling all this cash data starts with your bank reports and GTreasury has spent over a quarter of a century developing connectivity tools to banks from around the globe. GTreasury’s bank connectivity eliminates the need to log on to bank websites to retrieve cash activity reports, and instead automatically schedules this information to come into GTreasury for instant analysis. Banks are not the sole provider of an organizations cash activity so GTreasury also facilitates the connectivity with any other 3rd party or internal system so as to ensure complete visibility into your liquidity.

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In-house Banking Solutions


Known by many names throughout the industry; pooling, internal allocations, intercompany funding or borrowing, GTreasury’s in-house banking solution allows organizations to holistically view their cash and allocate these funds to other internal entities. GTreasury’s customizable treasury worksheets allow organizations to tailor their pooling structures and virtually or notionally move funds within the organization saving on external banking costs. By integrating this activity into our Funds Transfers module, users are able to net transactions and perform any type of netting functions required. Additional integration with our Accounting functionality also allows you to automatically book entries and upload journal entries for both sides of the transaction.

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Cash Forecasting Solutions


All treasury professionals know that proper liquidity management is what keeps the lights on at any organization, and as such we have to know where our cash is and how we can access it. GTreasury’s proprietary worksheets are designed to do just this. By consolidating cash activity into a central reporting tool, users are able to translate this data into actionable information. GTreasury’s worksheets allow users to analyze and manipulate all historical and future cash inflows/outflows as needed granting you comprehensive real time insight into your organization’s current and future liquidity.

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