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Cash Forecasting

Increase forecast accuracy and make real-time informed decisions, by comparing your actual, estimated and forecast data within consolidated worksheets built on centralized reporting. GTreasury’s powerful treasury worksheets enable treasury professionals to confidently predict future liquidity requirements and make adjustments to anticipate changing circumstances.

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Comprehensive Cash Forecasting Solutions

GTreasury’s cash forecasting solution comprises four key elements: flexible generation, unified platform, inter-connectivity and fast entry. Our solution enables you to perform variance analysis, and compare forecast to forecast against actuals. You can make extrapolations and understand trends and seasonality, receive alerts, and, ultimately, keep up with all data at all times, so you can better adapt to operational changes.

​Cash Forecasting Solutions Flexible Generation Tool

Flexible Generation Tool

The forecast generation solution allows users to take a subset of historical data and manipulate it to predict future cash flows. Data can be adjusted seasonally or cyclically, or extrapolated to consider future scenarios of growth or retraction.

​Cash Forecasting Solutions Unified Platform

Unified Platform

Our solution is fully integrated, so you have a single repository for all treasury activities that generate cash flows, and total interoperability. Every time a user models a financial instrument, corresponding cash flows are posted to their future dates, providing clearer insight.

​Cash Forecasting Solutions Interconnectivity


GTreasury’s connectivity framework facilitates data retrieval from any third party system. Populate with ERP data including receipts or checks, access custodial data and FX trading portals, and link to other internal files or systems. Interconnectivity breeds timeliness and accuracy, so you can make cash decisions with confidence.

​Cash Forecasting Solutions Fast Entry

Fast Entry

GTreasury’s fast entry for forecast data is the simplest and easiest way for any global user to add a forecast entry into the overall cash forecast and see its effects in real time. It’s one click for ease, but access restricted for security, with user audit trails and control stamps.

Key Features

  • Variance Analysis
  • Actual, estimate, and forecast comparison
  • Forecast to forecast comparison
  • Alerts
  • Infinite categories and roll ups

  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Extrapolation Forecasting
  • Forecast Freeze
  • Forecast versioning
  • Trending
  • Seasonality