Bank Fee Analysis

GTreasury’s Bank Fee Analysis solution automatically reconciles your contract pricing with the actual charges reported by your banks, saving you both time and money. We automatically uncover the different discrepancies, freeing up time to fully research and resolve those issues with your bank.

Banking E-statements eStatements

Reduce Unnecessary Fees

Save time and money with GTreasury’s Bank Fee Analysis solution. It enables you to compare actual services against bank-reported activities and allows for retrieval of month-end fee statements and automatic discrepancy reporting. GTreasury can perform volume comparisons and compare bank fee pricing across institutions and standards, creating a perpetual savings machine for your organization.

Bank Fee Analysis Stay on Top of Your Bank Fees

Stay on Top of Your Bank Fees

GTreasury’s Banking solution puts the tools in your hands to easily track monthly variances, optimize and simplify banking contracts, and compare both baseline pricing and service usage over time in order to assist in the negotiation of discount service pricing and volumes with all of your banks.

Bank Fee Analysis Gain Insight

Gain Insight

With the Bank Fee Analysis solution, you don’t have to worry about sorting through cryptic reports. Our system can read any file format (TWIST, SWIFT, AFP codes) and translate data into human-readable text, and align individual bank service codes with both global and domestic, industry-wide AFP Service Codes.

Bank Fee Analysis Complete Audit Trail

Complete Reporting Features

GTreasury is able to track bank fee errors over time and compare services between banks using our advanced reporting tools. Dashboards can be setup to show targeted areas indicating spikes and dips in price, volume and usage.

Key Features

  • Automatically retrieve month end fee statements
  • Contract variance reporting
  • Any file format supported (EDI 822’s, TWIST, SWIFT, CSV)

  • Month-over-month price comparison reporting
  • Proactively initiates the reconciliation audit with each institution
  • Ability to align bank service codes with both domestic and global AFP Service Codes