Global Bank Connectivity

GTreasury payment factory will securely connect to your banks and supports all standard format files. It is also a fully-API enabled platform, giving Treasury advanced payment options by seamlessly bridging the payment factory to your internal systems as well as external service providers.

Banking estatements Security and Compliance

Direct Connectivity

Secure data transmission, access, and display are achievable. Our repository of 2,000+ direct connections to financial institutions around the globe, coupled with our expertise in working with any connection option and data format, means all your treasury data is readily available and usable in one system.

Payments Simplify Your Payment Process


GTreasury is proud to offer global bank connectivity and hosting options for SWIFT’s Alliance Lite2 platform. GTreasury and SWIFT have also partnered to offer SWIFTRef data for IBAN and ABA lookups directly from within GTreasury’s workflow. GTreasury is part of the SWIFT Certified Partner Program.

Payments Scalability

Application Programming Interface (API)

GTreasury makes connecting to third parties and back office systems simple and seamless. With a broad library of APIs, GTreasury is able to accommodate all of our clients’ connectivity needs.

Key Features

  • Leverage our growing library of APIs to create exciting new opportunities to simplify payment creation and approval workflow
  • Process all payment types, including wires, ACHs, positive pay files, tax payments, settlements and more
  • Create payment format files, including SWIFT MT and ISO20022 standards

  • Leverage GTreasury’s unique relationship with SWIFT for SWIFT Alliance Lite 2, using your corporate BIC to send payment instructions via FileAct or the SWIFT FIN network
  • Gain enhanced visibility into the settlement lifecycle with SWIFT gpi end-to-end tracking
  • Access U.S.-based digital network Zelle for paperless B2C disbursements