​GTreasury’s integrated accounting workflows automate the assigning of required debits and credits to create proper journal entries within the system. Since GTreasury tracks all banking activity, all cash, non-cash, accrual or intercompany allocations may be assigned at the source and pushed directly into your ledger or multiple ledgers. By automating the entire process, GTreasury eliminates manual re-entry, so you can focus on other, higher-value tasks.

Treasury Management System Is an Installed Solution Right for You

Integrated ​Accounts Payable Workflow Automation​

GTreasury’s ​accounting workflow automation​ can post all of your GTreasury activities. For clients who use our Cash Management solution to automatically report on daily banking activities, GTreasury can process and account for each of these transactions. For users with our Financial Instruments solution, GTreasury can be used to automate the booking of the entire treasury trading operation.

Treasury Accounting Systems Manage Multiple Ledgers in One System

Manage Multiple Ledgers in One System

As organizations grow in complexity, managing multiple ledgers can become challenging. GTreasury automatically brings all ledgers into one system, enabling you to reconcile and simplify month-end accounting processes, preventing you from having to re-enter information.

Risk Management Simulates market duress

Security and Audit Trails

Security-driven account trees ensure that only the proper users access the appropriate accounts. With workflow-based audit controls and system-wide audit control stamps (including users, dates and times), you can ensure that assigning transactions is secure, but also that audits and compliance are simpler.

Treasury Accounting Systems Powerful Transaction Assignment Engine

Powerful Transaction Assignment Engine

Streamline processes and reduce human error through GTreasury’s transaction assignment engine, which recognizes patterns in daily banking usage and creates intelligent rules. If a transaction is identifiable by any means (account, amount, description data, custom reference/comment, etc.), the engine assigns the appropriate debit and credit entries, then moves on to the next.

Key Features

  • Flexible user defined views
  • Unlimited storage
  • Ability to sync with any ERP chart of accounts
  • Multiple ledger capabilities
  • Transaction assignment rules for identifying and automating journal entries

  • User defined reporting options
  • Bank to bank reconciliation
  • Transaction assignment rules for identifying and automating journal entries
  • General ledger output formatted as per your system requirements