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Focus on your transactions

GTreasury’s fully automated, rules-based treasury reconciliation capabilities let you focus on unmatched, outstanding transactions. Teams can match and reconcile any variety of bank data to book data from a single screen. Subsequently, you can reconcile directly from GTreasury’s worksheets or from a dedicated dashboard screen showing reconciled and unreconciled items side-by-side. Trial balances can be calculated in either summary or detail, based on the rules you have defined.

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Key features

  • Calculate outstanding checks, invoices, etc., by matching issued items against items posted from the banks.
  • Define matching rules and associate them with each worksheet.
  • Reconcile Bank-to-Book, Bank-to-Forecast and even Bank Actual-to-Bank Estimate.
  • Define match rules quickly to include One-to-One, One-to-Many and One-to-All matches for efficient and accurate treasury reconciliations.
  • Export results, generate dedicated reports and clone transactions to clear bank fees or other transactions.

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Optimize account structure

Review all activity, charges, contact information and fee agreements to ensure the right level of services and determine if new accounts need to be opened or established accounts need to be closed. Concentrating accounts across a smaller number of banks can help standardize the account reconciliation processes and lower costs.

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Improve visibility with our intuitive dashboard

Quickly retrieve data by date range and reconcile using daily, weekly, monthly or any custom time period you may require on the Reconciliation Dashboard. You can manually match items, commit and confirm auto-match items, post and document exception resolution paths to clear items or carry-forward to the next reconciliation cycle.

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Resolve discrepancies promptly

Reconciliation automatically matches incoming bank data with actual cash holdings. Any discrepancies are highlighted in order, so you can identify and research them as soon as they occur. Reconciling allows you to maintain control and accuracy of your cash holdings while also preventing fraud.

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Easily analyze data

See your data and make decisions easily with GTreasury’s Reconciliation screens. Data is presented in a side-by-side worksheet displaying Actual/Bank items in one column and Expected/Book items in an adjacent column, grouping line-item details such as deposits, checks, wires and ACHs by customizable user codes. After data collection and analysis, you can generate worksheet-specific match rules.

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Intercompany Payables and Receivables matching

As part of the GTreasury platform, Coprocess gives visibility over intercompany transactions including AR & AP, interest, loans and treasury transactions. Eliminate mismatches and facilitate automatic reporting. The solution provides real-time reconciliation system for invoice matching, negotiation and dispute handling.

The GTreasury solution which has been implemented additionally manages the most important control function of cash position reconciliation. This is a three-way reconciliation exercise, which is performed between the banks’ account balance and transaction reports, the GTreasury cash ledger and the Alaska state accounting system. The State presently holds about 150 bank accounts with five different banks.

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