Press Release: GTreasury’s Experts Hit the Speaking Circuit: Six Presentations, 17 Days, Three Cities, and 5,820 Frequent Flyer Miles

Topics at Conferences in Portland, Chicago, and New York Include Treasury Technology; SWIFT Connectivity; Relationships with Banks; and Management of Global Liquidity and Risk

LAKE ZURICH, IL – (May 17, 2016) Executives from GTreasury, the global leader in treasury management now celebrating its 30th year in business, will be sharing a wealth of their company’s institutional expertise at several upcoming events for financial and treasury professionals. The following is a list of talks, with their topics, takeaways, times, speakers, and locations:

“The Swiftest Way to Keep Track of Your Cash” (Two Presentations)

  • Topics and issues include the concepts of interconnectivity, such as current SWIFT standards; data transmission; translation services; and what data can be moved, and in what formats.  The session will also address solving treasury needs such as for transaction reporting, payments, and eBAM, among others.
  • Takeaways will include a sound understanding of SWIFT connectivity and the best technologies for treasury management.  Presenters will also discuss how to solve treasury needs for transaction reporting, payments, and how to streamline implementations.



“The 5 Pillars of Implementing a Treasury Management System (TMS)”

  • As treasury departments transition from a primarily supportive role and into the role of strategic advisor and risk manager, having the right technology in place is essential. Technology solutions deliver greater visibility into cash, streamline processes, and improve controls.  But implementation of that technology is critical.
  • This session will discuss the five key phases of implementation:
    • Allocating the appropriate resources to keep the project on track
    • Creating a stable project plan with achievable milestones
    • Integrating the TMS with the back office
    • Going live, and
    • Preparing for unforeseen issues.
  • Attendees will leave with a thorough understanding of what it takes to implement a TMS on time and within budget.
  • May 25, 3:50 p.m., at Windy City Summit at the Navy Pier Convention Center, Chicago. GTreasury will exhibit at Summit Booth #218.

“Stump the Banking Experts”

  • One of the main hurdles with setting up and maintaining any treasury solution is having an established relationship with your bank. Relationships take work. This session will cover topics such as:
  • Streamlining the implementation process through best practices in bank relationship management
  • Perfecting global liquidity through straight-through processing
  • Challenges and solutions for automating global information reporting
  • Attendees will take away a thorough understanding of how to improve upon their banking relationships.
  • May 26, 4:00 p.m. at Windy City Summit
    • Presenters: Warren Davey and Eric Bauer, Regional Sales Manager, SWIFT.



“To Liquidity…and BEYOND! Managing Global Liquidity”

  • Treasury departments must identify and minimize risk components while maximizing current liquidity within their global organizations. Hurdles include organizational silos, remote subsidiaries, unfriendly ERP systems, multiple bank portals, and a large collection of disparate Excel spreadsheets. All of this can lead to keying errors, long and inefficient work days and a constant disconnect between funding, investment and risk management decisions.
  • This session will show how to streamline treasury processes and improve operational effectiveness. Topics will include the basic challenges of integrating cash and risk management processes; identifying different types of risks; barriers to a successful technology project; and real world examples.
  • Attendees will take away an understanding on how to integrate cash and risk management processes and systems to improve financial and strategic decision making.
  • May 27, 9:30 a.m. at Windy City Summit

“TWS Implementation Blueprint for Success”


  • Every implementation of a treasury workstation starts with a need. Your spreadsheets or current system may no longer work. Perhaps there are too many shortcomings in your current process. You’ll know when it’s time to make a change. This presentation will discuss the common pitfalls, obstacles, and solutions that occur during a first, second, or third implementation of a Treasury Management System.


  • Key stages discussed in this fast-paced session will include: resource allocation; realistic project planning; integrating the new system with the back office; going live, and troubleshooting after implementation.


  • Attendees will take away an awareness of all requirements for planning and executing an upgrade to their treasury management workstations.


  • June 2, 2:00 p.m. at New York Cash Exchange Treasury and Risk Conference




About GTreasury

Originated in 1986, GTreasury is the global leader of treasury management solutions for organizations spanning the world. GTreasury’s solution illuminates a treasury’s liquidity by centralizing all incoming and outgoing banking activities, along with tracking all financial instrument activities. This gives GTreasury practitioners real-time insight and access into their global liquidity. GTreasury is the only company that offers both an installed and a SaaS solution. Our modular platform and infrastructure allow any size treasury operation the ability to customize a solution that is best suited to their needs. For more information please contact or visit

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Ashley PaterAshley Pater currently oversees marketing and account management activities for both potential and current clients. With over 7 years of experience, Ashley’s primary focus is increasing GTreasury’s brand awareness throughout the market place to preserve our position as liquidity masters. Ashley holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Marketing from University of North Carolina at Charlotte.