Press Release: GTreasury’s Banner Year – Record Revenues and Market Adoption

GTreasury’s Banner Year – Record Revenues and Market Adoption

Lake Zurich, IL — 2011 was a noteworthy year of growth for GTreasury. Last year GTreasury recorded record sales revenues and increased their client base by almost 50%. A renewed focus on direct sales for this leading treasury platform is beginning to reap rewards. In the past, GTreasury has spent the majority of their sales efforts on the distributor side of the business. Having over a 20 year track record of successful distributors and market adoption of their treasury system, GTreasury is without a doubt the most successful white labeled treasury solution in the industry. But despite their achievements, the GTreasury brand was not as widely known within the industry.

In 2010, GTreasury began focused efforts on gaining brand recognition through increased direct sales. Orazio Pater, Chief Operating Officer of GTreasury, explains “what better way to prove our value proposition to current and potential distributors, and the industry as a whole, than to provide our functionality directly to the market.” GTreasury’s 2011 revenues and client adoption rates are proving the strategy worked.

Warren Davey, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, who joined GTreasury in 2011 to help lead the sales and marketing efforts explains “The GTreasury product has been around for decades, but in many cases under various white labeled names. Having both rebranded the company, and increasing our marketing activities, we are beginning to see the results as GTreasury’s name is now much more prominent in treasury circles.”

Despite the growth, GTreasury remains a truly customer centric company. “We have always prided ourselves on having happy distributors and happy end users,” explains Mr. Pater, “so we made sure we had ramped up our services side of the business long in advance of our sales results.”

With success breeding success the 2011 results will only help GTreasury moving forward into 2012.


About G Treasury SS, LLC

GTreasury is a global provider of advanced technology for corporate treasury, cash & liquidity management. Our treasury solution is tailored specifically to each company to connect to their unique partner banks, show real-time balances and cash positions, automatically reconcile transactions to the GL, integrated forecasting through robust tools, set up automated payments, sweeps and much more. The GTreasury platform offers unparalleled security to access your data any-time, anywhere.


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About Ashley Pater

Ashley PaterAshley Pater currently oversees marketing and account management activities for both potential and current clients. With over 7 years of experience, Ashley’s primary focus is increasing GTreasury’s brand awareness throughout the market place to preserve our position as liquidity masters. Ashley holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Marketing from University of North Carolina at Charlotte.