Article: GTreasury Helps Love’s Country Stores Improve Treasury Operations with Minimal Staff Growth

LAKE ZURICH, Ill., April 12, 2010—Treasury automation through GTreasury treasury workstation software helped Love’s Country Stores grow in efficiency with minimal increases to staff. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) treasury management software automates all treasury tasks, from cash position calculation, to electronic payment initiation, through general ledger reconciliation.

When a company grows, its employee base generally grows with it, on both the operations and administrative sides of the business. In the case of the treasury department of Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores, a national chain of gas stations and convenience stores, the business has grown tremendously while treasury department head count has increased by only one person—all while providing improved cash management and financial reporting.

Treasury Automation Efficiencies

Carol Willett, Love’s Manager of Treasury Services, credits the company’s use of the GTreasury internet-based SaaS treasury workstation for the department’s ability to handle a radically increasing workload through treasury automation and forecasting. Love’s began using the treasury automation software from Lake Zurich, Illinois-based GTreasury—a leading provider of treasury management software and services—in 1999 to better track its accounts and avoid time-consuming manual procedures.

Love’s began as a solo filling station in Watonga, Oklahoma, in 1964, opened by Tom Love. The family-owned and operated business has expanded to 230 travel stops and convenience stores in 34 states. In the past 10 years, the company has grown to $17 billion in revenues, from $3 billion. Treasury staff has remained at three people until 2007, when the company added a fourth. Not only has Love’s treasury kept up with the increased number of transactions during that time, but it has also improved both treasury quality and efficiency.

GTreasury’s application service provider (ASP) treasury workstation has helped Love’s save time and streamline processes through:

  • Daily bank balance import
  • Daily reconciliation of store accounts
  • Automatic generation of cash concentration transfers
  • Recurring wire transfers and ACH payments using templates
  • Monthly reconciliation with few or no errors
  • Automatic assignment of general ledger codes to transactions
  • Monthly export of transactions to the corporate general ledger

“GTreasury has been pleased to support Love’s Country Store’s growth over the years with new product developments that all GTreasury customers benefit from,” said GTreasury Chief Operating Officer Orazio Pater. “The experience we gained and improvements we have developed over 11 years working with Love’s have benefited all GTreasury clients world wide.”

For details on how treasury automation and the GTreasury SaaS treasury workstation helped Love’s, download the complete Love’s Country Store-GTreasury case study.

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