Press Release: GTreasury Forecasts a Bright Future

2012 was another successful year for GTreasury. With record sales and increased client adoption rates, over and above a notable 2011, it appears the market has reaffirmed GTreasury’s position as the premier provider of liquidity solutions. Companies such as Aeropostale, Edward Jones, Mylan, Rockwood Holdings, Inc., Think Finance, and University of Missouri are just a few of the companies that have decided 2012 was the year to begin working with GTreasury in order to enhance their treasury operations.

Over the past few years, GTreasury has been gaining momentum in the industry. Historical success coupled with consistent branding, and growing market awareness has highlighted to treasury professionals that GTreasury is synonymous with treasury solutions. However, these are not the only reasons for GTreasury’s recent growth. According to Orazio Pater, COO of GTreasury, “The true testament of success in this industry is word of mouth. Products have proven to come and go, but service always remains – your reputation is key to your future success.”

Having owned and operated GTreasury as an independent system since 1986, Mr. Pater would know a little bit about reputation being tied to longevity. With consolidation and turmoil in the industry today it’s nice to have a lighthouse in the storm lighting the way. And based upon the current trends, GTreasury’s vision of 2013 and beyond is quite illuminating.

About GTreasury

Originated in 1986, GTreasury has grown into the global leader of treasury management solutions for organizations spanning the globe. GTreasury’s solution focuses on illuminating a treasury’s liquidity by centralizing all incoming and outgoing banking activity along with tracking all financial instrument activity thereby granting treasury practitioners real-time insight and access into their global liquidity. Our modular platform and infrastructure allow any size treasury operation the ability to customize a solution that is best suited to their needs. For more information contact or visit

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About Ashley Pater

Ashley PaterAshley Pater currently oversees marketing and account management activities for both potential and current clients. With over 7 years of experience, Ashley’s primary focus is increasing GTreasury’s brand awareness throughout the market place to preserve our position as liquidity masters. Ashley holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Marketing from University of North Carolina at Charlotte.