Press Release: GTreasury and SWIFT Extend Partnership

Lake Zurich, IL– GTreasury, the global leader in liquidity management, is pleased to announce an extension to their SWIFT partnership.  As the first Alliance Lite2 business partner in North America, GTreasury has now augmented their offering by incorporating SWIFTRef data for their clients.

SWIFTRef is a dynamic repository of SWIFT BIC codes and allows GTreasury users the ability to look up BIC codes directly within GTreasury.  Orazio Pater, COO of GTreasury stated, “By working with SWIFTRef data, our clients will be able to onboard and map their reporting banks and accounts into GTreasury with greater ease than in the past – this will help us load banking data quicker and give our clients faster insights and ROIs on their core banking functions.”

In addition, GTreasury has incorporated this functionality into their already award-winning Funds Transfer module, which now allows clients the ability to look up or reverse engineer routing codes for unknown or non-repetitive based payments.   Pater comments, “The workflow functionality of our Funds Transfer module is second to none, and we now have the ability to confirm banks and routing codes, lookup and screen payments against OFAC and other watch lists, and do so all within the normal user’s payment workflow”.

Stacy Rosenthal, Head of Value Added Services at SWIFT Americas, comments “SWIFT is pleased to expand our relationship with GTreasury, they have proven to be a very supportive partner.  We look forward to GTreasury extending their solution offering beyond connectivity to include SWIFTRef as a part of their application suite.”

With the ability to provide Alliance Lite2 connectivity and messaging, along with SWIFTRef data all in one centralized location, GTreasury enhances what is already widely considered the most full-bodied solution for treasury departments worldwide.

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Ashley PaterAshley Pater currently oversees marketing and account management activities for both potential and current clients. With over 7 years of experience, Ashley’s primary focus is increasing GTreasury’s brand awareness throughout the market place to preserve our position as liquidity masters. Ashley holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Marketing from University of North Carolina at Charlotte.