Treasury Management System Infographics

Treasury Management System Infographics

Everyone in the industry has heard the term Treasury Management System or TMS, but what does it really mean? Treasury Management Systems are automated systems that allow treasury departments to communicate and/or interface with your organizations banking partners. A TMS will allow you to store and pull your data real time, and report and analyze all information in one central location, which allows organizations to save time and money by automating tedious manual processes.

When selecting a TMS, you need to understand all of the options that are available to you, such as: do you want an installed or a SaaS solution?, do you need cash management, funds transfers, financial instruments, accounting, and banking?, or just a select few? This infographic can help answer some of these questions at a high level.

There are two platform options when it comes to selecting a TMS. You can purchase a SaaS solution or an installed solution.


Most organizations tend to go with the SaaS approach when it comes to selecting a TMS platform because it provides a user to access their information from anywhere in the world, and the implementation and deployment is quick and simple compared to an install. The vendor hosts the hardware and software, and your IT team rarely needs to be involved, as the servers and data warehouses are handled by your vendor.


For those organizations that require high levels of customization or have strict policies on outside vendors, an installed platform may be the choice for you. With this option, the software and the system are completely hosted and used by your organization, which allows you to have much more flexibility on how to deploy the system with the standard functionality in place.

GTreasury is one of the only vendors in the marketplace that offers both a true cloud-based SaaS solution as well as an installed platform. To learn more about GTreasury’s platform options, read more here or contact us for more information.

At the end of 2015, GTreasury conducted a survey to see what treasury departments are currently using to manage their cash, and how many banks these treasury departments currently utilize. Some of the results from that survey are depicted in the infographic to the left.

The majority of organizations that purchase a TMS are moving off of Excel. The reason being that Excel requires a lot of manual work, which also leads to a variety of manual entry errors. A TMS will streamline these processes and ensure that there are no “fat finger” miscalculations, thus allowing you to report and manage your cash more efficiently and accurately.

Whether your treasury team prefers a true SaaS solution or your requirements warrant an installed solution with web access, GTreasury is the one and only treasury management system (TMS) you will ever need.

Celebrating its 30th year in business, GTreasury’s treasury technology and customer service have matured to greater breadths and depths than any other liquidity management system. With all development and resources focused entirely on only one TMS application, GTreasury is able to help any global treasury operation illuminate its liquidity.

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