How to Save Money with Bank Fee Analysis

Along with banking functions come banking fees, and the more banking your organization does, the more banking fees you have to pay. At GTreasury, we understand the value of bank fee analysis and provide a powerful bank fee analysis tool that automatically compares the activity in our system with the activity reported by your financial institutions.

With GTreasury’s Bank Fee Analysis functionality, treasury teams can save time that would be otherwise spent on research and manual entry. Stop trying to manually find statement errors, and allow GTreasury’s Bank Fee Analysis module to assist you by:

  1. Automatically retrieving monthly bank fee statements
  2. Transforming data into searchable information within GTreasury
  3. Calculating contract price versus billed price and volume comparisons
  4. Simple reporting to highlight variances
  5. Storing data for historical reference
  6. Saving more money every month

The GTreasury Bank Fee Analysis module is a perpetual savings machine, as it will reconcile monthly to allow you to adjust your bank fees to where they should be, which typically increases cash flows and liquidity positions. GTreasury is committed to helping any global treasury operation illuminate its liquidity.

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