GTreasury Payments Statistics

GTreasury can centralize all of your organization’s payments into a central payment hub, allowing both requesters and approvers to access the same single system for all funds transfers and control security from a central set of dynamic rules.

More than half of all clients trust GTreasury to be their payment hub, and they send over $1.7 trillion dollars in payments across the 121 countries in a given year, which breaks down to over 35 million transactions a year.

To further demonstrate how reliant GTreasury customers are on GTreasury’s Payments solution, let’s look at some funds transfer statistics on a per client basis.

  • In ONE day, one client made 634,000 transactions through GTreasury, which was originated by 86 banks.
  • In ONE month, one client made 1.7 million transactions through GTreasury.
  • In ONE day, there were 486,000 balances from over 2,000 banks pulled into GTreasury for a single client.

The numbers above and to the left speak for themselves as to why GTreasury is the number one solution for payments in the marketplace. Putting numbers aside, one of the number one benefits of the GTreasury Payments solution is providing a centralized hub for straight through payments to or from any financial institution. GTreasury can eliminate the need to log into each banking portal to gather your information and instead provides you with a one-stop shop for all of your banking needs.

GTreasury’s connectivity abilities provide clients with a variety of options on how to connect to their banks. As the first North American SWIFT Alliance Lite2 for Business Applications provider, GTreasury is proud to offer global bank connectivity and hosting options for the Alliance Lite2 platform. GTreasury and SWIFT have also partnered to offer SWIFTREF data for IBAN and ABA lookups directly from within the GTreasury workflow.

If SWIFT is not in your wheelhouse, GTreasury also provides direct connectivity to any financial institution around the globe. Our expertise in working with any connection option or data format ensures that GTreasury will securely access, transmit, and display all your required treasury data.

Looking for other options besides SWIFT and Direct Connect? No worries, GTreasury is able to connect to any 3rd party system.

To learn more about GTreasury’s Payments solution, please contact us to set up a demonstration, or read more of our infographics and product cards.