Benefits of GTreasury’s Payments Module

Moving money is core to any treasury operation. Historically, this activity was carried out via the bank’s website, thus requiring the use of unique logins, tokens, or digital certificates. Since each bank would store only their own accounts and templates, both users and approvers would have to log into each bank website to enter and approve any money movement. As your number of banks increases, this process becomes less centralized and more cumbersome on operations.

GTreasury solves these issues by centralizing all payments into a central payment hub. This allows both requesters and approvers to access the same single system for all payments and control security from a central set of dynamic rules. Customizable security constraints can be employed across all activities ensuring conformance to any internal policies, and the centralized audit logging ensures SOX compliance.

Through GTreasury’s enhanced workflow, users are able to view step-by-step where their payments are and get real-time OFAC checking and verification to ensure all payments are secure and compliant. Users also have the ability to automate scheduling or release of future payments.

In addition, users are able to track, record, and create internal book transfers, and have the ability to use GTreasury’s tax templates to store and send tax payments.

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