Leveraging Your Internal Data

Nowadays, organizations have such a variety of different systems internally it is near impossible to know if you are actually leveraging your internal data to the best of your ability. With GTreasury’s Treasury Management System, we help you leverage your internal data by the following:

  • Reconcile General Ledger
  • Post General Ledger Entries
  • Calculate Margins
  • Sync Bank Account Management with HR
  • Import or Export Accounting Rates
  • Forecast Accounts Receivable
  • FBAR Reporting
  • Share Bank Balances and Transactions
  • Forecast Accounts Payable
  • Release Accounts Payable

For the past 30 years, GTreasury has served global organizations of all sizes by providing them with the ability to leverage their internal data through GTreasury’s Treasury Management System. No matter the industry or size of your organization, GTreasury can assist your treasury operations in illuminating its liquidity.

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