Go Green with eStatements

Audit requirements often force organizations to retain historic bank statements for a given number of years. Over time, these printed reports can bog down an organization. Support green initiatives with GTreasury’s eStatement functionality. With eStatement’s, your organization can retain an electronic image of the bank’s paper statement rather than printing and storing years worth of documents.

The eStatements functionality also resolves the messiness of statement management, so your treasury team can have more time to focus on higher-value activities. The three Rs of eStatements include the ability to:

  • Retain: Process, categorize, and store images within GTreasury or an external document storage warehouse
  • Report: Search and report on any historical statements stored in the warehouse
  • Redirect: Automatically download eStatements for any period and send out to the appropriate entities

In addition to the three Rs, GTreasury’s eStatements also provides connectivity to SWIFT or directly to other bank data servers where the image files are securely accessed. The GTreasury eStatements functionality is a resource-saving option, as it alleviates the costs of paper and storage space, as well as time savings of retrieving bank statements, printing them out, and determining a storage location. GTreasury can assist any global treasury operation in illuminating its liquidity.

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