Payments Enhanced Workflow

GTreasury is the most robust and comprehensive payments system available today. Our global coverage and proprietary connectivity allows you to connect with any bank around the globe (regardless of format) and move your money at will. Payments are a very sensitive requirement for treasuries and require a lot of experience and know how. At GTreasury, we’ve been electronically moving money around the globe since 1986, so you can rest assured we have the solution for you.

GTreasury is able to eliminate the need for multiple banking portals by providing a centralized payment hub for straight-through payments to or from any financial institution anywhere in the world.

Through GTreasury’s enhanced workflow, users are able to view step-by-step where their payments are and get real-time OFAC checking and verification to ensure all payments are secure and complaint. Users also have the ability to automate scheduling or release of future payments

In addition, users are able to track, record, and create internal book transfers, and have the ability to use GTreasury’s tax templates to store and send tax payments.

To learn more about GTreasury’s Funds Transfers solution, please contact us to set up a demonstration, or read more of our infographics and product cards.