The Bachelorette Effect: Understanding Your TMS Services

When deciding upon the appropriate treasury workstation vendor, you should heavily factor into that decision the ongoing relationship post selection. Like all relationships, they take work, and working with your treasury vendor’s services team is no different. If you think about it, selecting a vendor is like being on an episode of the Bachelorette. You get to go on several dates (demos), spend time one on one with each other, and after each of these encounters you decide if there is a spark and who deserves that special rose. In the end you select the vendor of your dreams, the one that fits your functionality and personality. Sure, you have to break a few hearts along the way, but it doesn’t matter because you have found the one! The vendor of your dreams!

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About Ashley Pater

Ashley PaterAshley Pater currently oversees marketing and account management activities for both potential and current clients. With over 7 years of experience, Ashley’s primary focus is increasing GTreasury’s brand awareness throughout the market place to preserve our position as liquidity masters. Ashley holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Marketing from University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

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