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The Latest and Greatest from CapellaFX


One of Hedge Trackers’ goals is to continually update and improve our CapellaFX software solution. The following information discusses the newer features available in our CapellaFX SaaS software.

Auto-logon For Support

New functionality is available to automatically log into the client support system once you’ve provided your support login credentials. To setup automatic login, go to the User Preferences window and click on the Support tab. Add your support desk username and password and click SAVE. Going forward, when you click the Client Support button, you will immediately be able to log a support request without providing your support credentials.

CapellaFX Help Videos

Our Help Video library can be accessed by clicking on the Help Videos button in the bottom right corner of the CapellaFX screen. Help Videos can also be accessed by clicking on the question mark (unless grayed out) in the right-hand corner of the CapellaFX window. When accessing the videos in this manner, the videos are directly related to the window you are viewing.

To request additional tutorials, go to the Client Support icon in the bottom right corner of the screen, click on the Video Tutorials link, and click on the Suggestion Box to leave your suggestion.

Automatic Triggers For Period Close

This feature can speed up the Period Close process by enabling automatic triggers if specific conditions are met. For example, CapellaFX will automatically trigger any trades in the Trigger and Release Window that use a strategy configured as “Simultaneous Trigger and Release,” and when the underlying exposure’s expected date is in the current period. The functionality to partial trigger or untrigger individual trades is still available. Note that the trigger must be set at the client-level, and it applies to all entities associated with that client.

Batch Close Entities in Period Close

CapellaFX has the functionality to update all “PRELIM” status entities to “CLOSED” with one click. To turn on this functionality, click on the Period Close icon on the home screen. Then select the Batch Close All Entities (Entity Status Must be Set to Prelim) checkbox at the bottom of the Period Selection screen. Go to the Close tab and click Close Entities. All the entities that were set to “PRELIM” status will now be “CLOSED”.

OCI Forecasted Release Report

CapellaFX has a new accounting report: the OCI Forecasted Release Report. This report will schedule out the future release of OCI by accounting period based on the “Cash Flow Trigger and Release Instructions for Amortized Release” selections defined in the CapellaFX Strategy Setup screen. Reports can contain information for an entire company or a single entity. In addition, HTML capabilities are available so that you can drill down into the details as needed.

For more information on how to use any of these features, please contact our Client Support And Solutions Team by clicking the Client Support button in the bottom right corner of the CapellaFX home page.

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