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  • Volatility and Interest Rate Hedging

    Major world events – like the recent “Brexit” vote – often wreak havoc on interest rate markets. Some produce a swift drop in rates. Others precipitate a general rise. Many are mixed. The only consistent, predictable element is unpredictability. While there is no way to keep major, market-affecting events from occurring, it is possible to […]

  • Restructured Swaps: What Can You Expect?

    In recent months, a trend has emerged: More and more companies are restructuring their pay-fixed receive-floating swaps by shifting the floating leg from the three-month LIBOR rate to the one-month LIBOR rate.

  • Treasury Turnover: Who Should I Call?

    One of the biggest advantages of utilizing Hedge Trackers’ integrated hedge program consulting and software is the ability to efficiently address turnover and temporary absences in the Treasury or Accounting department. That can mean one of two things.