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  • Liquidity Outlook GSAM Goldman Sachs

    On-Demand Webinar: Goldman Sachs Economic Outlook: Liquidity Themes

    Money fund yields are approaching a 15-year high, and money market fund reform is on the horizon. How does this economic landscape impact liquidity investors, and what else should liquidity portfolio managers care about?

    Now is a great time to evaluate the economic outlook with a focus on liquidity and cash management as we move into 2023.

  • 2023 PNC Survey Report for Treasureres and CFOs

    Pressure Points, Payments & Plans for Automation: The Road Ahead for CFOs & Treasurers

    The goal of this joint GTreasury and PNC Bank survey is to provide actionable insights for mid-to-large companies with multinational operations and small treasury teams. We asked questions about top pain points and strategic priorities; the role and importance of banking relationships between treasury/cash management departments and banks; and treasury and banking automation and integration.

  • Intercompany Payments Webinar

    Bringing Structure to Intercompany Payments: An Adecco Group Success Story

    In this webinar, Daniel Cugni, managing director of Coprocess, a GTreasury company, walks through the challenges of settlements without netting and how the process can be improved with Coprocess Netting – following a real-world example with Adecco Group.

  • Louboutin Case Study Coprocess

    Christian Louboutin

    With premier luxury brand Christian Louboutin expanding to more boutiques spread around the world, it needed help ensuring intercompany invoices were accurate and less time-consuming.

  • ifz daniel cugni

    IFZ Talking Finance with Daniel Cugni

    Learn about intercompany netting on IFZ Talking Finance with Daniel Cugni Managing Director of Coprocess.