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Software Spotlight: How to Setup Dual Trade Approval

Capella offers customization with regards to FX approvals. As a system control you can require that approval be given before certain actions, such as trade execution or strategy use.

The system administrator has access to the Security module and can setup the desired FX approvals.

Capella offers a one or two level approval for trade execution.

You can set the approval requirement as a single or dual approval process by selecting either ‘One level’ or ‘Two Level’ as a requirement.

  • A One level approval requirement setting will activate an “Approved” checkbox on the trade ticket that will need to be checked for approval by an authorized user.
  • A Two level approval requirement setting will activate a “Pre-Approved” checkbox for the first level of approval.

After the first approver checks the checkbox an alert message will pop up indicating that a second person will need to approve the trade or strategy. Approver One can just click “OK” to the alert message and Approver Two needs to log in and approve the trade as normal. Once the trade or strategy has been approved by Approver Two, Approver One cannot make any changes. Approver Two would have to unapprove it first.

Please contact the Capella Support Team by clicking here or on the “Client Support” icon on the Capella home page.

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