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Software Spotlight: Batch Close Features

Instead of closing each entity in CapellaFX separately, use the “Batch Close All Entities” feature to close all the entities that are in Prelim status at the same time. 

These entities can have a mix of designated and non-designated trades. To use the functionality, make sure to check “Batch Close All Entities” on the bottom of the screen displayed once you click on the Period Close / Period Selection tab.

“Run MTM for All Entities without Designated Trades” is another new feature that allows a user to batch close non-designated entities (run through Period Close steps) all at once. To use the function, click on the Period Close option on the main menu, check “Run MTM for all entities without designated trades” checkbox at the bottom of the Period Selection screen,  select ND entities while holding down Ctrl key and confirm. The remaining entities that have designated trades associated with them  will need to be closed individually.

For more information on batch closing, please contact the Client Support & Solutions Team by clicking on the “Client Support” button on the CapellaFX home page. Once you’re on the Client Support screen, click on the “Other” link and you will be prompted to complete the form requesting assistance.

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