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Software Spotlight: Account Break-out for Unrealized and Realized FX Gain/Loss

Another great feature of the multiple account functionality is that now CapellaFX breaks out Unrealized FX gain/loss from Realized FX gain/loss and different account numbers can be set up for these accounts as well.  CapellaFX will automatically post reversing entries to Unrealized FX G/L and hard-book entries to Realized FX G/L.

Both realized and unrealized FX G/L accounts have defaulted to the GL account number originally set up in entity set-up.  To update your accounts, open the Entity Setup window.  In the General Ledger Accounts tab, select an Entity, then select “Unlock GL Accounts” at the bottom of the screen.  Note: that in some cases the bottom of the form will not automatically be displayed, so you will need to scroll to the bottom using the scrollbar. Select the appropriate realized or unrealized account type from the Multiple Accounts list, click the “New” button and enter the additional GL account name(s) and GL account number(s).  Click “Save” and Exit from the Entity Setup module. In the Strategy Setup window, choose the entity you used before, then select a Strategy in the General Setup tab and open the GL Account Designation tab and choose the new accounts from the dropdown. Click “Save.”  Once you run MTM in the Period Close window, the new accounts will appear in your reports.  Any prior period accounting will not be impacted by the change in accounts.

To learn more about the Realized and Unrealized accounts contact the Client Support and Solutions Team via the “Client Support” button on the CapellaFX home page

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