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  • DLM Product Card

    Debt Lifecycle Management Product Card

    Optimize your cost of capital with Debt Lifecycle Management.

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    MOODY Product Card

    Helping the Banking Industry Make Better,
    More Informed Decisions by Accurately
    Measuring Credit, Market and Liquidity Rate Risks.
    Integrate ALM into business management
    GTreasury is collaborating with Moody’s Analytics to enable customers to access Moody’s
    Analytics’ market-leading asset and liability management (ALM) SaaS solution. Moody’s
    Analytics’ ALM SaaS solution is now available as an interoperable and integrated component
    within GTreasury’s continuously modernizing software-as-a-service ecosystem for treasury
    and finance teams.

  • Moodys Product Card

    KYOS Product Card

    GTreasury is partnering with KYOS to offer clients an integrated commodity analytics solution that elevates risk management strategies and reduces financial risk exposures.

  • Market Data Fact Sheet

    Market Data Fact Sheet

    GTreasury integrates with several best-of-breed data providers, seamlessly integrating data feeds via the cloud.