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Resources On-Demand Webinar: Foreign Exchange Bootcamp #1

On-Demand Webinar: Foreign Exchange Bootcamp #1

This boot camp course covers the foreign exchange market, market rate conventions, and converting from one currency to another to provide a foundation on which foreign currency accounting concepts can be layered. Learn the fundamentals of currency risk and the impact on financial statements with speakers Annette Engel and Karen Gubler from Hedge Trackers. This first video in the boot camp series teaches users how to convert currencies, evaluate a strengthening or weakening currency, and understand how exchange rates are needed in accounting. The webinar details the foreign currency market, as well as how currencies are quoted and some basic currency conversions. All of this can help evaluate currency risk and how it impacts accounting.

Annette Engel

Hedge Trackers

Karen Gubler

Hedge Trackers

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