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Next Steps for FASB Exposure Draft on Hedging

The FASB reaffirmed many of the decisions made in the original exposure draft issued September 8, 2016.

However, they will continue to discuss the following issues raised by constituents in the two meetings detailed below.

At the next meeting on February 15th, the FASB will be re-deliberating the following two items:

  • Prohibition of returning to qualitative testing after a quantitative test is necessary.
  • Documentation requirements for private companies.

On March 8th, the FASB will be meeting to re-deliberate the following:

  • The market yield test for FV hedges when the benchmark rate is below the coupon rate
  • The measurement model for excluded components
  • FX basis and whether it should be included as an excluded component
  • FV portfolio hedges

All re-deliberations are scheduled to be completed by March 8th and the FASB is expecting to make a final vote in April or May.

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