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Cash Flow Hedging Made Easy for the Urgent Hedger

Do you need to implement a cash flow hedge program quickly — either due to urgent management directives, Board member mandates, or competitive pressures? It happens all the time, leaving treasurers and decision-makers to scramble to come up with the right solution.

What if your company is not staffed appropriately to implement the hedge program in a short amount of time? Do you try to hire staff capable of the task? Do you outsource the process? Is there software that can allow a competent but inexperienced team to deliver a successful hedge program?

Hedge Trackers’ suite of products and services empower companies like yours to identify, track and manage foreign currency exposures, implement compliant hedge programs with appropriate controls, meet accounting and disclosure requirements and communicate program results with management.

Read more to learn about how we can help you implement a cash flow hedge and manage FX risk in more ways than one.

Cash Flow Hedge Consulting

It can be a real challenge to hire and retain special hedge accounting experts, especially when you’re on a tight timeline.

Hedge Trackers’ team of consultants can help you train your staff to comply with the requirements of ASC 815, develop risk management hedge programs, conduct effectiveness testing, deliver consistent performance reporting and audit support, and meet compliance guidelines every time. You won’t need to hire hedge accounting specialists because your existing internal team will be prepared to manage all of the nuances of special hedge accounting.

Our consulting team has helped hundreds of companies develop and implement ASC 815 compliant cash flow hedge programs. Each hedge program is tailored to your specific circumstances and objectives. Whether you need something quickly or have plans to put a hedging program in place in the future, we’re here to support you.

Cash Flow Hedge Outsourcing

Simply don’t have the bandwidth to manage a hedging program? Let our world-class derivative accounting outsourcing team do it for you.

We designate hedges under ASC 815, account for the derivatives and provide disclosure support. This service minimizes your risk of non-compliance and unexpected results with little to no additional effort required by your team. Once a hedging program is established, we reliably deliver journal entries to your team to meet your close timetable. If you need additional support during an audit, we’re here. If you need a clear explanation of valuations or accounting results, we’ve got you covered.

Outsourcing frees up time and resources for your internal team, so you can focus more on core business objectives.

The CapellaFX Suite for Cash Flow Hedging

Hedge Trackers has developed risk management software to help you effectively manage the total hedge relationship — from exposure gathering to disclosure reporting and everything in-between. When you want to manage your cash flow hedge program internally and need the right tools, look no further than the CapellaFX Suite.

CapellaFX is 100% ASC 815 and IFRS 9 compliant, allowing your team to source and manage exposures, designate hedge relationships, account for derivatives effortlessly and report on them painlessly.


In some cases, companies urgently need to develop and account for a foreign currency hedge program, but not all companies have the internal skill-set to go it alone.

Hedge Trackers provides experienced consultants that can assist your team in developing an ASC 815 compliant hedge program quickly in whatever timeline is required. Other times, companies prefer to leverage Hedge Trackers’ Outsourcing team to provide hedge accounting journals and solutions directly on your schedule. Last, but certainly not least, is CapellaFX, an end-to-end foreign currency risk management software solution, which allows your team to manage, account and report on foreign currency derivatives. Hedge Trackers is here to support you in whatever capacity required, and can happily mix and match services to fit your exact needs.

Hedge Trackers’ full suite of risk management technology and services stands ready to support your company when (and how) you need it. Want to learn more? Schedule a time for a quick call with one of our hedge program experts.

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