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CapellaFX Software Spotlight: Password Management

CapellaFX hedge accounting software makes it easy to manage your password in a secure fashion.

Capella users can change their password anytime by selecting the “New Password” tab under the Capella main menu in the “User Preferences” module. If a user’s password needs to be reset because it has expired or due to too many failed logins, the user should contact the in-house system administrator, who will be able to reset their password for them.

A system administrator can reset a user’s password by selecting the “Manage Users and Groups” tab under the Capella main menu in the “Security” module. This is done by clicking the “All” button in the middle of the screen and selecting the user whose password needs to be reset.

If the user’s password has been suspended, the admin will need to uncheck the box next to “Password Suspended or User Is Inactive as of.” A temporary password should then be entered in the “Password” field, and confirmed in the “Confirm Password” field. The “Save” button saves the new temporary password.

Please contact the Capella Support Team by clicking here or on the “Client Support” icon on the Capella home page.

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