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Capella Software Spotlight: Year-End Audit Details

With year-end audits coming for most companies, auditors generally want to recalculate the entries for a sample of trades.

With Capella it is easy to give them all the information that they need to perform the recalculations in one place. From the Period Close screen, select an entity and go to the “Close” tab. Then click the “Detail View of FX Accounting Results” at the bottom of the screen. Select the trade and the exposure, and all of the details relating to that trade/exposure will appear. Notional and base amounts, trade and maturity dates, and contract spot and forward rates are included. Balance sheet and income statement rates are there, both as entered and forward adjusted for the trade and the exposure. The number of days remaining, implied interest rates (for the trade and the exposure), credit adjustment, and values at various rates all appear on this screen. Trigger status, designation, contract type – everything an auditor needs to calculate the entries for a contract is on this screen, and at the bottom of the screen the entries are provided. On the left side of the screen you can even change the fiscal period if you need to see details for a trade in a prior period.

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