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Capella Software Spotlight: Printing and Saving a Group of Trade Tickets

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Have you ever needed to print or save a group of trade tickets for internal documentation purposes or auditors? With CapellaFX you can easily do that.

To pull a group of trade tickets from the CapellaFX main screen;

  • Select Trade, then click on the List button at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the “FX Trades Selection” window, pull up a list of trades to include in your export. Then click on the Trade Ticket Production drop down button.
  • Next, check the checkbox for View Trade Tickets and select each of the trades you would like to include in your export by simply clicking on each trade in the list you pulled up earlier. The trades to be included in your export will be marked with an “X”.
  • Finally, click on the Process Selected Tickets button and a PDF file will populate with the list of trade tickets you selected. You may now save or print this group of trade tickets.

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