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AFP 2014 Recap: Hot Topics & the Debut of RTZ

From risk management to FX best practices, this month’s 2014 AFP Annual Conference in Washington, D.C., addressed many of the hottest topics in the world of treasury and finance.

Featuring more than a dozen speakers (including former Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke, New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman and former FBI director Robert Mueller), the event attracted finance professionals from around the U.S. – and the globe. In addition to myriad networking opportunities and presentations from leading brands, breakout sessions highlighted topics as far-reaching as the dangers of zero interest rates and quantitative and Monte Carlo cash flow forecasting methodologies.

The event featured a number of highlights for Hedge Trackers in particular, including the formal announcement of Reconcile to Zero, an analytics tool designed to automate the time-consuming task of fully reconciling foreign exchange remeasurement gain/loss.

Hedge Trackers client Polycom presented on RTZ at the conference, and company president Helen Kane described the tool’s underlying principles and methodology in a pre-conference speaking engagement.

Did you miss us at the 2014 AFP Annual Conference? Click here to contact us, or to schedule a demo of RTZ.

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