Reflections on 30 Years in Treasury Management

“It’s been thirty years since my wife Peg and I founded our treasury management software company. It’s almost fifty years – 47 to be precise – since I entered a new field of finance that became treasury management.  I’ve had a great ride, and it’s not over yet. Someone asked me recently if there was any single reason for our longevity in a business – information technology –.  Most small companies don’t last longer than 20 years. I can’t say that there has been any secret sauce or magic bullet for us.  But several of the attributes of long-tenured companies, factors that were pointed out in a Harvard Business Review piece back in 1997, have all been a part of our history.”

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About Orazio Pater

Orazio PaterOrazio Pater has been a recognized leader in the treasury management industry for over 40 years. As head of GTreasury, he manages one of the leading providers of treasury management systems in the world. Mr. Pater founded Gateway Systems in 1986, initially offering an MS-DOS product that evolved through the MS-Windows® Client-Server architecture to the current cloud-based solution.

Prior to founding the Gateway and GTreasury companies, Pater led the National Data Corporation – Cash Management Division from 1974 to 1984. He was instrumental in developing the automated cash and treasury management industry. Under his leadership, the NDC Cash Management Division served over 12,000 corporations and 200 major banks that used NDC to monitor balances and concentrate cash globally. During that period, the NDC Cash Management Division became the leading provider of treasury and funds transfer systems worldwide, with over $40 million in annual revenues and very substantial profits. Prior to NDC, Orazio was a cash manager at Honeywell, Inc., where he designed and implemented one of the first automated treasury management systems in the world.

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