GTreasury is the only treasury management platform that is both a true cloud-based SaaS deployment or offered as an installed solution. Since organizations have various requirements when it comes to outsourcing technology, GTreasury strategically designed our system with both types of organizations in mind. Most of our recent clients have opted for our SaaS deployment; however, there has always been and always will be organizations that require the complete control of their own data.

Option #1 – Software as a Service (SaaS)Over the past few years, there has been a lot more interest in the SaaS based solutions for corporate treasuries. The ability to access your information from anywhere in the world and the relative ease of deployment makes this offering very attractive in the industry today. Couple that with the cost savings over an installed platform and you can see why over 75% of new treasury system users are turning to the SaaS model.

Option #2 – InstalledA SaaS solution is not always the best solution and does have its disadvantages. Installed software always has been and always will be much more customizable. Since the software and the system are used only by your organization, you have much more flexibility in how to deploy the system and some of the customizations that can be created. Complex organizations with unique requirements are sometimes best served by a system with the standard functionality in place, but with the capacity to be configured specifically for certain needs. Installed systems are also very common in organizations that have strict legal, regulatory, or IT provisions on data security and/or hosting.