Bank Account Management (BAM)

GTreasury’s Bank Account Management solution provides the ability to store and track bank accounts, along with details of those accounts, including the tracking and changing of signatories. Add in the ability to communicate to the banks with various eBAM messages, and you can see how the GTreasury Bank Account Management solution can help streamline anyone’s banking processes.

Payments Enhanced Payment Workflow

Manage Signers and Your Database

Improve efficiency when adjusting accounts and signatories, saving you time and reducing human error. GTreasury centralizes and automates bank account management, and our sophisticated account workflow enables any changes that are made to signatories to cascade down to the applicable accounts, eliminating duplicate and manual entries.

Bank Account Management Create Efficiencies with Workflows

Create Efficiencies with Workflows

GTreasury enables you to send and receive SWIFT messages with bank-ready platforms, generating bank correspondence for account updates without disrupting daily operations. Clients can also sync with internal HR systems to amend signer rights.

Centralize All Bank Accounts

GTreasury’s account repository assists in managing payment workflows by showing proper account information and approval progress throughout the payment cycle. You can grant global use access based on proper internal controls, and store or link to all signatory cards.

Key Features

  • Virtual signatory repository
  • Dashboards to manage account activity
  • Create and manage signatories by group

  • Embedded workflows and approvals
  • Create and send bank letters
  • On demand reporting