Fact Sheet: Financial Instruments

April 15, 2019 | Michele Marvin
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If you’re managing your financial instruments from multiple systems or spreadsheets, you’re missing the big picture on your obligations and their impact on your liquidity. To avoid
the risk of fragmented, incongruent cash flows and events, you need one system that connects the full life cycle of your deals. With GTreasury, you can manage your financial instruments from initiation through maturity, all in one seamless, centralized workflow and act on the downstream
events for resets, confirmations, exercise/expiry, renewals, limits, cash positions, payments, valuations, credit exposure, forecasts and accounting.

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The increasing volatility of interest rates is creating uncertainty that must be addressed thoughtfully, given the long run of low and stable rates brought to us by central bank management. Uncertainty around the impacts of the end of quantitative easing and the close of a decade after the global financial crisis is evidenced by a host of views on possible outcomes. This webinar looks at various scenarios, and how they can impact your cash flow and risk management (e.g. refinancing your revolver early). What are your choices under each scenario, and what might they mean?

In this webinar a leading risk expert from GTreasury and the managing partner from Strategic Treasurer discussed the environment of financial risk and the responsibilities and expectations placed on treasury. Along with this, they described how firms can help determine the ideal course for their organization.