Illuminating Liquidity: WireCo WorldGroup Selects GTreasury for Global Cash Visibility

November 3, 2014

Lake Zurich, IL- GTreasury is pleased to announce the addition of WireCo WorldGroup (“WireCo”) to its growing list of clients that are illuminating liquidity through GTreasury’s SaaS offering.  WireCo’s decision to adopt a treasury workstation stemmed from years of manual processing which is more prone to duplication of efforts and potential errors.  The selection of GTreasury will now enable WireCo’s headquarters treasury team to attain real-time accurate insight into global cash while simultaneously eliminating the burden of data entry for their foreign offices.  WireCo also chose to have GTreasury host their SWIFT environment.  According to Heather Bennett, WireCo’s Director of Treasury, “we really needed a system that would enable global cash visibility while lightening the load on the other departments.  With the combination of GTreasury and SWIFT, WireCo’s treasury department can become more of a value added department with the ability to scale into the future.”

Earlier this year, GTreasury and SWIFT announced a partnership whereby GTreasury became the first company in North America with the ability to offer integration of Alliance Lite2, SWIFT’s cloud-based solution for connectivity and messaging, directly within GTreasury’s SaaS offering.  Since that time many organizations, including WireCo, have preferred this model over other connectivity options as it allows the treasury department to receive direct support from GTreasury while ensuring the capability to work directly with SWIFT and their experts around the globe.  Orazio Pater, GTreasury’s COO explains: “Too many organizations are becoming overwhelmed with today’s treasury technology speak and technical jargons; our SWIFT offering makes things very simple to understand – SWIFT takes care of  the data transport, GTreasury holds it and turns it into useful information.”

GTreasury’s ability to convert data into information in a user friendly manner was quite evident to WireCo during their selection process.  “The intuitive nature and ease of use of the GTreasury system was a big reason for WireCo selecting GTreasury”, commented Bennett.  She’s not alone; over the past several years GTreasury has shown consistent year over year growth due to their unmatched ability to simplify the user experience and help clients illuminate liquidity.

About WireCo WorldGroup:

WireCo® WorldGroup is the world’s leader in manufacturing, engineering, and distributing wire rope, synthetic rope, specialized assemblies, wire products and electromechanical cable.  WireCo® WorldGroup’s products are recognized throughout the world and used in a wide range of market applications. WireCo® WorldGroup employs approximately 4,000 people and is headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, with manufacturing plants, distribution facilities and research and development centers around the world. For more information please visit:

About GTreasury:

Originated in 1986, GTreasury is the global leader of treasury management solutions for organizations spanning the globe. GTreasury’s solution focuses on illuminating a treasury’s liquidity by centralizing all incoming and outgoing banking activities, along with tracking all financial instrument activities, thereby granting GTreasury practitioners real-time insight and access into their global liquidity. Our modular platform and infrastructure allow any size treasury operation the ability to customize a solution that is best suited to their needs. For more information please contact or visit