With GTreasury’s Treasury Management System, you can connect to any system, with any method, via any format. Whether you are looking to connect to your banks, trading platforms, ERP, etc. GTreasury can be your central point of connection through our variety of connectivity offerings. GTreasury’s direct connectivity offering provides an unmatched repository of direct connections to financial institutions around the globe. Our expertise in working with any connection option or data format ensures that GTreasury will securely access, transmit, and display all your required treasury data.

As the first North American partner to offer Alliance Lite2 for Business applications, GTreasury is also able to offer global bank connectivity and hosting options for the SWIFT Alliance Lite2 platform.

If neither of the above connectivity offerings works for your organization, regardless of the system, internal or external, GTreasury’s connectivity options will ensure the data transference along with the required transformation services, automatically turning your disparate data into treasury information.

The infographic shown on the side breaks down some of the different systems GTreasury can connect to, the methods in which we are able to connect to the systems, and the formats that are most commonly used with the different methods of connectivity.

  • Systems – (Trading, ERP, Rates, FX/MMF, Email, File Sharing, CRM, Custodians, HR, Banks)
  • Methods – (sFTP, FTP Push, HTTPS, API, SSO, FTP Pull)
  • Formats – (IDoc, Flat File, BAI, MT, CSV, PAIN)

Over our extensive history, GTreasury has created an unmatched repository of connections. With GTreasury’s expertise in working with a wide variety of connection options or data formats, GTreasury ensures secure access, transmission, and display of your treasury data. With these capabilities, GTreasury can assist any global treasury operation make the leap from operational to strategic.

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