GTreasury Accounting Statistics

The biggest benefit of adopting GTreasury’s Accounting module is the time savings gained from automating an enormously time consuming repetitive process. GTreasury can replace monotonous tasks with automation to move your operations from mundane to strategic.

86% of GTreasury customers are currently using GTreasury’s Accounting module, which allows them to:

  • Conduct bank-to-book reconcilement
  • Post cash transaction to their General Ledger daily
  • Add multiple ledger capabilities
  • And much more

In addition, GTreasury has the ability to sync your organization’s ERP chart of accounts with GTreasury’s for a consistent and accurate posting. We provide API’s of GL output files, which can be formatted specifically for your system’s required format.

To the left, you will see a current breakdown of what our clients are currently using for an ERP system. 99% of GTreasury customers are currently utilizing an ERP system; of that 99%, 86% of the customers are connecting their ERP system directly to GTreasury for automatic updates. GTreasury is also a partner of Netsuite, and can easily connect and provide real-time visibility to help make better decisions, faster.

To learn more about the benefits and features of GTreasury’s Accounting module, read some of our product cards and infographics.