• General Treasury Management System Statistics

    Everyone in the industry has heard the term Treasury Management System or TMS, but what does it really mean? Treasury Management Systems are automated systems that allow treasury departments to communicate and/or interface with your organizations banking partners. A TMS will allow you to store and pull your data real time, and reporting and analyze all information in one central location, which allows organizations to save time and money by automating tedious manual processes.

  • GTreasury Clients by Industry

    For 30 years, GTreasury has considered itself an industry agnostic solution, meaning that no matter the industry that your organization is in, GTreasury is able to illuminate your liquidity. This infographic is a breakdown of GTreasury's client base by industry. As the graph clearly shows, GTreasury is able to accommodate industries such as finance, manufacturing, insurance, services, energy, real estate, etc.

  • GTreasury Clients by Revenue

    Celebrating 30 years in business, GTreasury continues to provide leading treasury technology to treasury teams across the globe. Regardless of the size or industry of your organization, GTreasury is able to illuminate your liquidity with its TMS solutions. This infographic displays a breakdown of GTreasury's client base by revenue. GTreasury can assist organizations no matter their size.

  • Cyber Security

    Cyber security is a top priority for organizations around the globe. As we hear of more breaches and fraudulent acts in the headlines, organizations must focus their efforts on understanding cyber security and how to defend themselves against it. This infographic reviews what cyber security is, common tools used by hackers, how to defend your organization, and more. GTreasury is committed to cyber security and helping any global treasury operation illuminate its liquidity.

  • Forecasting Key Capabilities

    Proper liquidity management is vital to any organization because it is necessary to know where our cash is and how to access it. GTreasury’s powerful worksheets allow users to analyze and manipulate all historical and future cash inflows/outflows as needed granting organizations comprehensive and real time insight into their organization’s current and future liquidity. GTreasury’s forecasting tools can be broken down into four (4) key capabilities in the following infographic.

  • Benefits of GTreasury's Accounting Module

    Assigning debit and credit entries for your entire portfolio and every single bank transaction that goes through your bank accounts is a very manual and tedious process. Why have people spend their time with repetitive processes when GTreasury’s customizable rules and ERP integration can tag your entries and post them to your ledger while you sleep? Let GTreasury automate your accounting entries and free up your time for more value added activities.

  • GTreasury Accounting Statistics

    The biggest benefit in adopting GTreasury’s Accounting module is the time savings gained from automating an enormously time consuming repetitive process. GTreasury can replace monotonous tasks with automation to move your operations from mundane to strategic.

  • Key Features in GTreasury's Accounting Module

    Although GTreasury prides itself on illuminating liquidity, there are other functions we perform extremely well to help save our clients time and money. Incorporating GTreasury’s Accounting module grants users the ability to assign any required debit and credit accounts to any transaction within the system. Since GTreasury tracks all this activity, any cash, non-cash, accrual, or intercompany allocations can be assigned at the source and pushed directly into your ledger or ledgers. By automating this entire process, GTreasury completely eliminates the need for re-keying this information allowing our client’s to focus their efforts on more strategic activities.

  • Funds Transfers Statistics

    GTreasury can centralize all of your organizations funds transfers into a central payment hub, allowing both requesters and approvers to access the same single system for all funds transfers and control security from a central set of dynamic rules.

  • Funds Transfers Workflow

    GTreasury is the most robust and comprehensive funds transfer systems available today. Our global coverage and proprietary connectivity allows you to connect with any bank around the globe (regardless of format) and move your money at will. Payments are a very sensitive requirement for treasuries and require a lot of experience and know how. At GTreasury, we’ve been electronically moving money around the globe since 1986, you can rest assured we have the solution for you.

  • Funds Transfers Security & Compliance

    With GTreasury's Funds Transfers module, organizations are able to move funds internally or externally from anywhere to anywhere with confidence, security, and reliability. Security and compliance is a growing concern for all treasury departments, and at GTreasury we make sure that your payments are safe and secure. As a PCI and SOX complaint platform, GTreasury is able to tailor your payment approvals to adhere to any internal controls. We have the ability to conform to all bank specific communication protocols, and provide end to end straight through processing for SEPA clearing

  • Funds Transfers Benefits

    Moving money is core to any treasury operation. Historically, this activity was carried out via the bank’s website thus requiring the use of unique logins, tokens, or digital certificates. Since each bank would store only their own accounts and templates both users and approvers would have to log into each bank website to enter and approve any money movement. As your number of banks increase this process becomes less centralized and more cumbersome on operations. GTreasury solves these issues by centralizing all funds transfers into a central payment hub.

  • Maintain Your Accounts with GTreasury's BAM

    As your organization grows, so too do your banking requirements. Is your treasury team experiencing long and painful audits, lack of insight into your existing bank accounts or signatories that are no longer with the company? Avoid account maintenance nightmares by utilizing GTreasury's Bank Account Management (BAM) functionality.

  • How to Save Money with Bank Fee Analysis

    Along with banking functions come banking fees, and the more banking your organization does, the more banking fees you have to pay. At GTreasury, we understand the value of bank fee analysis and provide a powerful bank fee analysis tool that automatically compares the activity in our system with the activity reported by your financial institutions. With GTreasury’s Bank Fee Analysis functionality, treasury teams can save time that would be otherwise spent on research and manual entry.

  • Go Green with eStatements

    Audit requirements often force organizations to retain historic bank statements for a given number of years. Over time, these printed reports can bog down an organization. Support green initiatives with GTreasury's eStatement functionality. With eStatement's, your organization can retain an electronic image of the bank's paper statement rather than printing and storing years worth of documents.

  • Financial Instruments Key Benefits

    Treasury professionals are responsible for their organization's cash, as well as the responsibility of managing the various financial instruments. No matter if your financial transactions and the instruments involved are simple or complex, you can centralize this activity with GTreasury's Financial Instruments module. Learn more about the key benefits of the Financial Instrument's module in the following infographic.

  • Key Benefits with In-house Banking

    Automate and streamline activities through the GTreasury's In-house Banking solution where organizations can tailor their pooling structures and virtually or notionally move funds within the organization to save on external banking costs. With GTreasury's In-house Banking functionality, organizations can holistically view their cash and allocate these funds to other internal entities.

  • Interconnectivity

    With GTreasury's Treasury Management System, you can connect to any system, with any method, via any format. Whether you are looking to connect to your banks, trading platforms, ERP, etc., GTreasury can be your central point of connection through our variety of connectivity offerings. GTreasury’s direct connectivity offering provides an unmatched repository of direct connections to financial institutions around the globe. Learn more about how with GTreasury you can connect to any system, with any method, via any format.

  • Leveraging Your Internal Data

    Nowadays, organizations have such a variety of different systems internally it is nearly impossible to know if you are actually leveraging your internal data to the best of your ability. With GTreasury's Treasury Management System, we can help you leverage your internal data in the following ways outlined in the infographic.

  • Where GTreasury Clients Make Payments

    With GTreasury’s Funds Transfers module, organizations are able to move funds internally or externally from anywhere to anywhere with confidence, security, and reliability. The following infographic provides a breakdown of where GTreasury clients are making their payments around the world by continent.